Mecenat Mastercard har nu upphört att gälla. Från och med den 1 januari 2017 upphör avtalet mellan Mecenat och kortutgivaren Entercard Sverige AB.

Vad är mitt ISIC student-ID? Applies ord. price upon presentation of valid Mecenat card. Food & Drink. At KFC, good quality is the most important of all and therefore hand-paned and cooked  The MIUN card may also be used as a valid ID card when you borrow books manually at Mid Sweden University (bar code on the back).

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på Mecenats hemsida med de inloggningsuppgifter som Mecenat skickar till dig.

Jonas Levin. Founder / Owner / CEO Mecenat. European Youth Card Association​IHM Business School. Göteborg, SverigeFler 

You become a member of the student union here: Göta studentkår; Handelshögskolans studentkår (HHGS) Sahlgrenska Akademins studentkår (SAKS) Mecenat's brochure is the most important printed communication of the semester. The brochure is sent, along with the Mecenat card, to 120,000 students in Sweden. This makes it an excellent opportunity to show that you are a student-friendly brand while being the first to offer your student discount to new students. Mecenat Mastercard har nu upphört att gälla.

and show valid Mecenat and ID card. You also have to be over 18 years old. The so called ”Kick Off bracelet” is also valid as a. Mecenat card during 

Kom förbi Expen på  The Medcheck system is only valid until 4th of October. After that date membership can only be validated by the use of the physical mecenat card or the mecenat  Check out similar apps to Mecenat - 10 Similar Apps & 13143 Reviews. Your Mecenat card and thousands of student discounts in your pocket! Google Play  7 aug. 2019 — If you're a student, you need to show a valid proof (like a Swedish student card or Mecenat card) at any of our gyms during staffed hours. Mecenat. Description.

Mecenat card

Your digital Student Card is now ready for use! This digital card is as valid as the plastic one and with this you can get discounts, benefits and entrance to Union activities. Read more about the Student Card in your phone at app.studentkortet.se. This is how you get the Mecenat card (the grey one) in your phone. Become a member in the Union.
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If your Mecenat card is no longer valid, you have to reregister. The cards that are not valid will be deregistered automatically. Log into Mecenat to make sure that you are still registered as a student – then contact our support that will help you with your registration. International Student Identity Card ISIC är det enda globalt erkända studnet ID:et med 150.000 studentrabatter världen över.

Mecenat's brochure is the most important printed communication of the semester. The brochure is sent, along with the Mecenat card, to 120,000 students in Sweden.
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There is no extra fee for paying late and there is no interest rate. However, by paying it early at the beginning of each semester, you get a Mecenat card which gives you student discounts internally at Chalmers (reduced lunch prices etc.) as well as externally (including train trips with SJ). Make sure that your fee is paid to the right union.

University students. Download a Registration Certificate here: https://www.student.ladok.se/student/loggain; Submit the certificate and your personal details to us here: Contact Mecenat For most students the Mecenat card is a digital card. You access it through the Mecenat app.

Mecenat amanda Lyxfällan och Card student blev. Körkort; ›; Carambole; ›; Mecenat Card Student. se, pl · hu · fr · en · es · ar · ro · it · tr · sl · pt · de · he.

You will receive your Mecenat card by post a few weeks after we have registered your payment. In the meantime or in case you don't like to carry a lot of stuff,  10 aug. 2020 — The mecenat card gives you plenty of student discounts and also serves as your membership certificate for the student union.

2017 — Well, it's basically a discount card that is given to any person who is registered as a student in Sweden. This card comes with a mobile app that  Studentrabatt. Studenter har 25 procent rabatt på många av våra biljetter. Rabatten gäller endast dig som har en digital studentlegitimation från Mecenat,  ***THE SAINTS ON DEVOTION TO OUR LADY'S SORROWS . The Blessed Virgin Mary revealed to St. Bridget of Sweden (1303-1373) that seven graces are​  Vi får många frågor om när era mecenatkort kommer. Från och med VT17 skickas Do you have question regarding the Mecenat card? We get many questions  The Mecenat-app contains a digital personal Mecenat card that is active for the entire student time.